Triathlon was held in Lake Suwa yesterday.

It will be held in Tokunoshima island and Lake Nojiri next week and after next week.

At the end of this month,it will also be held in Kaike of Tottori prefecture.

I heard that Kaike triathlon will be held with a shorter distance in order to manage minimum staff.

Today was originally the day of Baramonking triathlon in Fukue island of Nagasaki prefecture was held.
But it was cancelled.

The organizer have to gather staff,volunteer or technical official so-called judges.
This time I understood that it’s difficult problem to gather enough staff in Fukue island.

In other not to be a burden to the local people, it may be good one thinking to held it with shorter distance like Kaike triathlon, I think.

If they can hold it continuously, I think it’s OK to shorten the distance.




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