After seeing Kawazu cherry trees in Kawazu, I went to Susanoo shrine in Inatori.

“Hinakazari” was displayed at the steps of shrine ‼️
There were 118 steps in total 😵
Very exciting ‼️

The only 7 or 8 staff decorates them every morning 😵

On both sides, there are also Hinakazari that is called “Hanging Hina dolls”.
Izu Inatori is famous for them‼️
Very pretty ❣️

I jogged about 25k from Kawazu 🏃‍♂️

I arrived at hot springs ♨️😍

I could see Izu Oshima, Toshima and Niijima on the way because the weather was very fine ☀️
It was wonderful scenery ❣️





#伊豆諸島もはっきり 😊






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