Since I put on boots, I was wondering whether I should go fishing or go to see snow, but I came to see snow ☃️😍

There were more foreigners than Japanese in Iiyama station 😵

I met 2 foreign women.

I heard they are from New Zealand and Australia 😊

It was the their first time to come to Iiyama.
Could you enjoy it?
They said, Yeah!! Beautiful!!

I heard that they are going to Hakuba to ski from now 🎿

After going to Hakuba, they will go to West Japan.

Where in western Japan are you going?
Osaka and Hiroshima!!
They said to me, 13 days in total, very busy!! 😊

They were so cute ❣️
Have a nice trip in Japan ❣️😊




国際交流 😊




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