I changed towels in my acupuncture clinic a little.

Warm weather and abundant water source in Imabari make a soft towel which is gentle to thread and fabric.

Imabari is the holy ground of towel making.

Imabari towel is really the product that represents Japan quality of safety,security and high quality.

These towels are 株式会社オリム ORIM “オリム”products .

今治産タオルの企画・製造・販売なら株式会社オリム | 株式会社オリム (orim.co.jp)

Orim means “織夢“😊

Thanks to Imabari towel, my customers can take the treatment comfortably 😊

I will continue to create a comfortable environment for my customers 😊

ライズ鍼灸スポーツマッサージ治療院 (rise-clinic.com)




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