The main purpose of this one day trip was to go near Nozawa Onsen by Iiyama Line 🚞

I have a friend named Hisayoshi-san.
He joined a ski circle when he was a university student, so he is very good at skiing ⛷️

I heard that he had a training camp at Nozawa Onsen when he was a student.

When I was in the company for the 1st year, I skied with him for a whole day at Naeba ski resort, Kagura ski resort and Mitsumata ski resort with only two of us 🎿

He taught me how to ski while I was skiing, so I had a very luxurious day as if I was monopolizing ski coach 😊

The 30th of this month is his third anniversary of a death.

That’s why I went near Nozawa Onsen where I might have gone with him.

May he rest in peace.




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