7chan was in Roppongi for the first time 😊

It was his Giroppon debut😆

We took a picture in front of Almond 😊

We went to the restaurant called Teppanyaki Sakichi in Roppongi owned by Akiko Ikuina as a celebration of winning the election.

Noboru-san is so smart.Because he immediately said to the stuff,”Congratulations on winning of the election this time ‼️“

This is Dashimaki-tamago

This is the original okonomiyaki of this restaurant.

This is very spicy chorizo. 激辛チョリソ😆

Noboru-san was screaming, saying that it was very very spicy 😆

The spicy taste was just right for me🤣

This is the original Shochu called Ikuina 生稲.

Every dish was very delicious yummy 😋 😊




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