I had a dinner meeting last night with my friends who joined the company 34 years ago 😊

I met Manabu-san for the first time in about 25years 😵

Manabu-san was a captain of the ice hockey team at Hosei University.

After graduation, he joined Kokudo-Keikaku and played an active role as an ice hockey player.

At the Winter Universiade, he was the captain of the entire “Team JAPAN”🇯🇵

He hasn’t changed at all!!
He was very fine and talked as well as ever 😊

7 chan and Shumai Taro kun also attended the dinner meeting 😊

Two of us, Manabu-san and I, drank 2 bottles of Shaoxing rice wine 😆

We’ve also decided the schedule of our trip to Hokkaido next year.

The food was also very delicious.

And Atsushi-san had his birthday the next day , so we all sang a birthday song and gave him a present to conglatulate him🎂




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