I went to cycling to Hinohara village to take a heat acclimatization and take measures against the heat 🥵🚴

Well, it was really hot 🔥

I went into the river to prevent heat stroke.

I found a good place to put my waist into the river 😊

I wanted to have cold Udon for lunch, but I ordered hot Udon by mistake 😅

Well, I decided that this was also one of the measures against the heat 😆

それにしても、温かいおうどんが出てきた時は、ひっくり返りそうになりました🤣 やってもうた的な🤣

It was very delicious Udon 😊

I could get nutrition and rest to ride my bicycle 😊

Of course, there were many nice sceneries in Hinohara village 😊

The amount of hydration was 4.8 litters ‼️
Oh,and then Udon soup, two glasses of water and Garigari-kun 😆

Garigari-kun melted in no time 😅😵

It was a very satisfying holiday 😊




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