This building was called the “MFC” in the Olympic village during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

It means the Multi Function Complex .

The 1st floor was the Polyclinic, 2nd floor was the cafeteria for staff, 3rd floor was the training center for athletes.

I was on the sports massage and acupuncture staff at the physiotherapy department of the polyclinic.

It replaced the shopping mall called “Lala terrace” and opened on March 1st.

A Large part of what used to be the polyclinic replaced supermarket “Summit”.

The treatment room of sports massage and acupuncture became the drugstore “Matsumotokiyoshi”.

The cafeteria for staff became the restaurant “Royal Host”.

There were hospitals on the 3rd floor.

It had changed so beautifully, but only the cargo yard, which was the staff entrance for going in and out, remained the same 😊

I felt it was nostalgic 😊

This is the park where the Olympic and Paralympic monuments were in the Olympic village.




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