I ran the course of MINATO city half marathon.

I participate in it as a staff of members of Tokyo acupuncture and moxibustion Association to take care of runners after the race next Sunday.

Start area is Zojoji Temple.

Go straight on Hibiya-dori and turn right at Shiba 5 chome intersection.

Enter Daiichi -Keihin and turn back at the Fudanotsuji intersection.

Go to the starting point again.

Go through Zojoji temple and turn left at Shinbashi 4 chome intersection.

Run a little, turn back.

Turn left at Nishi-Shinbashi 2 chome intersection.

Turn left here.

Turn right at this pedestrian overpass.

A gentle hill about 150m to Shiba gakuen.

Turn left at Kamiyacho intersection.

A gentle hill about 200m to Iikura.

Turn right at Akabanebashi intersection.

Turn back at Shin-Ichinohashi intersection.

Turn left at Akabanebashi intersection.

A gentle hill about 500m to Iikura intersection.

This section is the longest hill in this race.

Go straight and turn back at Toranomon 3chome intersection.

Turn left at Kamiyacho intersection and turn left at Nishi Shinbashi 3chome intersection.

Go straight to Nishi Shinbashi 1chome intersection and turn right.

Turn right at Nishi Shinbashi intersection.

Go straight and turn left at Shiba 5chome intersection.

Turn back at Hamamatsucho 2chome intersection.

Turn right at Shiba 5chome intersection.

Go straight on Hibiya-dori and enter the first lap course.

Turn left at Iikura intersection.

You will see the Tokyo Tower.

It’s the finish line!!

I hope all the runners will be able to finish the race comfortably 😊

Good luck ❣️❣️




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