We had a meeting while having dinner at 乾杯食堂 with my friends, Noboru-san, 焼売太郎 and the members of ちびっこ倶楽部😊

The subject was the trip to Hokkaido next September.

A friend of us in Hokkaido will retire next year, we will celebrate him there.

Well, a side from that, dishes at this restaurant are always very delicious 😋

It’s spicy pickles. Green chilies were spiciest. It’s just right for me 😊

This is モツ鍋 ! The soup stock was very delicious 🤤

Of course, モツ was also delicious 😋

This is a crab with kimchi 🦀

I ate it for the first time.

The taste was spicy and delicious 😋

This is a 麻婆豆腐.

There are several spicy levels. This is the spiciest!
This was also just right for me ❣️

This is an omelet.

It was very delicious with butter 🧈 😋

There is 7-chan on the egg 😊

The trip plan went well, and it was a meaningful meeting 😊




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