I got up at 4:30 am.

I left after 6 and arrived at the National Stadium a little before 7.

Everyone will enter the National Stadium 😵

Everyone went through a baggage inspection and showed an electronic ticket to enter.

There were athletes in wheelchair.

The starting point was a track at National Stadium.

It was a very precious experience and I was excited 😍

The athletes in wheelchair started. The starter was Governor of Tokyo Koike.

It’s finally our start.

The starter was Hifumi Abe who just won a gold medal at the World Judo Championship the other day.

It is Nihonbashi which is the first turning point.

It’s about 10k point, so everyone is fine 😊

It is the second turning point, Otemon of the Imperial Palace. About 12k point ❓

Everyone is running happily ❣️

And it was a miracle that my friend talked to me among 15,000 runners ❣️

Thank you all for volunteering ❣️😍

I could cross the finish line safely 😊

I was able to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Legacy of the Olympics.

We want to continue the “Tasuki “ memed Lagacy 😊

Thank you very much for holding this race!!!




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