I can go on a trip in a triathlon and talk about it.
This was my first race in two and a half years,so my intuition was dull😅 and I almost forgot something important.
It was the seat clamp that adjusts the hight of saddle.
I noticed it just before I left home 😅

When I came, I almost forgot the thru axle.
西崎昌宏 -san found it and it was very helpful 😊

I tried to fly a drone and shoot just before the start ,but I couldn’t fly it because it was in the flight restriction zone 😂
Meanwhile the time for the test swim was over 🤣

As soon as I started swimming,my goggle got foggy, so I took off my goggle and washed it while standing swimming 😅

At the start of the bike 🚴, when I tried to put on my bike shoes, I turned the BOA dial on the left ankle side too too far and the wire was caught in the back 😅

If I had stayed calm, I would have loosened the dial and pulled out and tightened the wire, but I panicked because it was a race, so I tightened only the dial on the toe side and started 😅

Of course, it was loose, so it felt like the heal floated 😆

The run was scheduled to run in the 43 minute range, so I used NIKE Vaporfly 😊

However, both my legs were cramped and I couldn’t run fast 😢

When I ran 1km in the 6 minute range, the center of gravity was on the back, so it felt like I was repulsing backwards 🤣
In addition, it was feeling that it blurred on the side 😅

When running at slow speed, shoes with carbon plates are counterproductive 🤣

Izu Ohshima triathlon is held every year in early June.
It is in the rainy season or on the verge of entering, so the weather is unstable.

There have been a few times the swim has been cancelled and it has become duathlon 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️

A few years ago, all competitions have been cancelled 😢
At that time, we were drinking beer 🍺 from the daytime 🤣

This time, however, we were blessed with good weather from the beginning to the end of our stay on Izu Ohshima😍

We were able to swim in the beautiful sea while watching fish 😍🐟🐠
And we were able to see beautiful scenery and sunsets 🌅 😍
We also be able to see many stars at night 🌠🌌😍

By the time we arrived at Yokohama port, it was forecast to rain ☔️, but it didn’t rain 😊
And the rainy season started on last Monday 😊

波多野勝彦-san who is the rain man ☂️ became the sunny man ☀️🤣




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