It is a meal for muscle pain recovery.

Chicken breast and potatoes 🥔 with Hijiki.

On Saturday, I ran three 5000m in Super OTT 🏃‍♂️😆

OTT means Otona-no-Time-Traial 😊

This is the first time in these 10 years that I have such a terrible muscle pain 😅

I have muscle pain not only in my legs but also in my back, stomach and shoulder 😆

It is a comfortable muscle pain 😆❣️

I will participate in the 5000m at Meguro Sports Festival next month 😊

I will strengthen my muscles for the race.

My goal is to run 5000m within 20 minutes in the next race.

It will be the first time in about 20years if we can achieve it 😊

I might have made this dish for about 8 people 😅

But I have all by myself 🤣




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